Breach of Contract Litigation

When you form a contract with someone for goods, services or loans, you expect the other party to meet the terms of the agreement. When they do not follow through, this can seriously affect you or your business.  The Law Office of Jonathan A. Barash provides high-quality legal representation to individuals and businesses, bringing and defending suits related to breach of contract disputes.

Attorney Jonathan A. Barash has over  a decade of experience in breach of contract cases and contract disputes between Georgia individuals and businesses.  He also acts as local counsel and provides legal representation for companies based throughout the United States in actions in Georgia state and federal courts.

When sending letters, making phone calls and dealing with collection agencies to recover the money owed to you is not enough, a collections lawsuit for breach of contract may be required.  At the Law Office of Jonathan A. Barash, we offer efficient litigation services for creditors who seek payment on delinquent accounts and commercial loans.  We handle breach of contract cases on a contingency or hourly fee basis.

To discuss a contract dispute and arrange a consultation, contact Jonathan A. Barash at 404-941-8790.